Food for Thought – Double Trouble

It’s been a week. One week is the longest, acceptable time to be down after the probably most notorious party in this city. This week is usually filled with tales of fun and intoxication, overhearing your peers in the hallways talking about this one dude who made a fool of himself. Hate it or love it, Double Trouble is a force to be reckoned with (especially when you’re trying to push through one hour worth of door sale queue). We asked people to give us their take on the party: massively overrated or the only good thing around? Let’s see what they had to say.

Opinion 1:

Double – Trouble may very well be widely credited as the most renowned monthly party, from their techno beats to their spacious dance-floors, the majority of students don’t have much to complain about. The event’s music selection promises an eclectic variety of hip-hop sets to boiler-room tracks, but shockingly the reality doesn’t cut it for some crowds. Envision a club-setting outside of Limburg, where they play (oh God forbid) mainstream hits, and their hip-hop selection explores releases beyond the era of 2002. People who have been exposed to such clubs, end up being somewhat disappointed and confused at the number of people doing what can only be described as an aggressive dance to music you can’t quite ‘turn up’ to with a ‘mainstream’ music background. Moreover, the vibe of the event is pretty much static, despite the numerous thematic attempts to 90fy or Russianize the party- and static is Putin it lightly. Although Double Trouble is undoubtedly the apex of many student’s night-life experience, for others it remains a constant mystery, an enigma that itches their minds as they cross cities for Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott.

Opinion 2:

Double trouble is very special to me, I've been to all of them this year! What makes it unique for me is that it's the only party in Maastricht that really brings all the students together, regardless of their musical tastes. It's a place where all your circles of friends gather, in addition to so many fresh faces in each edition! It's surprising how much it grew from previous years, not just in size but in production as well!

- Abduljalel Felemban

Opinion 3:

Double trouble over the years has definitely gotten better, the organization has improved and the chaos that used to surround the parties has pretty much diminished. However, having experienced many Double Trouble parties, I feel as though I can formulate an opinion on how the nights go. Personally, I feel like Double trouble is much better when drunk. Not white girl wasted, but definitely drunk. After many occasions of arriving too sober I often wonder why I am even there, possibly it’s the warehouse venue, a little alcohol makes it easier to bare. The pre-drinks are for sure part of the Double Trouble experience. Despite attempting different themes at each event it is often very much the same experience, and similar music with little variety in between. But I don’t go to Double Trouble and expect a five-star party I go to have an enjoyable night with my friends. I often find it’s the vibes my friend and I create that makes the even rather than the event itself. I may be too harsh but it’s not the music and the venue I remember it’s the drunken conversations and dancing like you’re Beyoncé. Double Trouble is what you make out of it and that’s what is great, if you want a good night Double trouble can guarantee you one, as long as you also put the effort in. I must add the addition of the Burrito and Mojito bar is something I possibly appreciate the most, there’s nothing better than being able to have a burrito on your drunken walk home, and to help you face the next day.

- Stephanie Elizabeth

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Featured below are a few pictures of Double Trouble parties represented by Vangelis Trikoupis