The Dead DJ Society


Marc Mahfoud and Alexander Lurvink, granted Kichaka with an open interview in the backstage during the last Double Trouble. Beers, cigarettes, smiles and good vibes.
So what & who is the Dead DJ Society (DDS)?

Where does your name come from? And why do you consider yourselves to be alternative?
Watch the movie: DEAD POETS SOCIETY! The movie is starting to be more and more relevant to our generation. It made sense to us and the concept of our vision to call ourselves Dead Deejays Society with the gripping message of this story.

We see ourselves as poets of house & techno, trying to maintain a message and kill monotony; like minded people cultivating an alternative means to house & electro. Turning our backs from this numbing scene, which is saddening (high zombies). None of us started out to be entertaining zombies; so coming back to the name we chose, it simply made sense. Alternative in the sense that it goes against the usual mindless drugs, and meaningless social buzzing. It relies on awareness, art & love. All artists involved are doing exactly the music they want to do and experiment for their personal evolution and fulfillment. It is also alternative in the way in which it encompasses numerous aspects beyond music; I mean we also include a food truck Burritos & Mojitos (most amazing burritos, people were willing to wait 45minutes for...). Its predominantly about achieving something real on a personal level as well as an all encompassing general awareness of acceptance, respect and love for any form of creativity and art (may it even be self expression).
Being a collectivity from all over the world, we realize that we live in an illusion of peace; we try our best to not take time for granted, and urge people through DDS to do the same. Be here, now & aware.

What are your influences?
All great men and women, may they be artists, writers, scientists or philosophers. We especially strive towards the Romantic ideals, so you might think of figures such as Beethoven, Byron, Goethe, Hugo, Goya and so many more...

Where is the head quarter of the Dead Deejays Society? Is it Maastricht-based?
Well, Maastricht is the gateway; it’s where it all started and the city made it possible. Our intention to start grew in Maastricht at a crossroad moment when we knew we all had to move on (move away and out of Maastricht; on with the show, out of the family/cozy Maas-bubble). But in truth we’ll never truly & fully move (laughs). We’re all very thankful and to this bubble city. Anything is possible in Maas, it’s an endless experimental field.

Who is part of the crew?
It’s too difficult to name names; the idea behind our Society is an ever increasing and growing commitment. No one is obliged to do anything but bring good spirit. DDS extents to individuals far beyond music, everyone is included, as long as they share our vision for an cosmopolitan world, revolving around Beauty and Philosophy. Nonetheless, the name behind the Dead Deejays Society and its ideology was originated by Alexander Lurvink. His past experiences and vision to create this ongoing, ever-growing, ever so inspiring society. He meant it to be a cosmopolitan family, everyone coming from everywhere and nowhere; plunging head on into whichever project, art, self-expression all having passion in common.

Any future projects coming up?
In the long term, the plan and dream is to export our vision abroad: we are currently planning a ‘field-trip’ to Budapest for New Years Eve, while setting up a summer festival in Greece and of course a music label. At the moment, our creative minds are off to Amsterdam & a number of other cities around the globe. As mentioned earlier, the projects extends to more than just music. We have a Maastricht based food truck (Dead Love Burritos) in the making, we’re also deeply involved with the “Not just a Number” foundation, an initiative supporting the refugee camp project and the “Culture Lovers Festival”. We’re cultivating alternative ideas of very common things, such as food or art. That’s also what our personal growth and evolution is all about, being aware, being grateful and embracing life and the other. It is our symbolic liberation.

As Maastricht veterans, words for the up and coming?
Kill your ego!!! I (Marc Mahfoud), came here with a big ego, hope I’m leaving with a very small one. There are perfect little pearls hidden all around Maastricht, go out there and find them.

Dead Deejays in a nutshell?
“That the powerful play [of life] goes on, and you may contribute a verse; What will your verse be?” - Walt Whitman

Interview by Zoe Perret